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About Melissa

Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m Melissa, the chipper little Australian/New Zealander behind the creativeness of Happy Confetti Phtotography!

If you like my work then you must also be a fan of happy faces, real emotions, sunshiney days and people being themselves! I love what I do and work really hard to capture the uniqueness of every couple. It’s such a privilege to document some of the most special moments in your life and I want your photos to have captured those moments perfectly. Not just how you looked but also what you felt on your wedding day – beautiful, excited and so very loved!


I travel all around the world shooting weddings, no matter where you are, if you love my work then please drop me a line to chat more about your wedding plans: hello@happyconfettiphotography.com

Your wedding day is going to be one of the most special days of your life. A day filled with so many hugs and tears and tangible pieces of love! Its the culmination of years of dreaming and months and months of planning. It’s the one day you, the love of your life, and all your friends and family are together, maybe even for the first time in years. But more than anything it’s the one day you proclaim your love for the the person who you’ll spend the rest of your life with. It’s just one day. One incredibly special day, and it’s huge.

This is where I come in! Its my job to make to make sure none of this amazing day gets forgotten. Not just for my awesome brides and grooms, but for those kids who haven’t been born yet, to grandma  who couldn’t make it out, I will be your storyteller. From the smiles to the tears, the flowers to the dress, and for all those harder to remember moments late into the night, I’m there for all of it. I will tell the story of your wedding day and it will be a beautiful story filled with real love and emotion.

Most of my clients love my work because of the realness of it. My ability to capture exactly what is being felt in that moment in an unobtrusive, completely unposed way. If thats what you are looking for in your style of wedding photos then I hope you love my style.

I am incredibly blessed my hard work has paid off so that I now get to travel the world shooting weddings. I have been published on numerous blogs and several magazines and am grateful every day for the people that adore me and my work.

Want to know a little more about me?

I was born in New Zealand but raised in Australia in a circus, then I went and lived in London for 8 years! When I came to America 6 years ago I totally feel in love with how beautiful it is here and how amazing people are, so I stayed! As a result I have a weird patchwork accent from all these places.  I like the ocean but love the mountains more. On any given day you will find me drinking coffee, working on photos on my mac, walking my cat Gerald, eating bahn mi for lunch, jogging on the foothills trails, playing records or hanging out at one of the many amazing local breweries.